-What is the original resource for the idea producing this piece? (Silent Passengers)
My main concern is what is living creatures, animals, insects, reptiles and so on by producing a movie. How we were looked from them? For analyzing these issues, I decided to shoot them. I leave the camera there. They don't know that someone is shooting them. From the viewpoint of the pigeons, the camera is merely a roost. From the viewpoint of the crabs, the camera is an object to hide from me. I imagine that, from the viewpoint of them, the camera is a spacecraft from the other world. They don't know that I want to record them. I also imagine that, we humans don't know that we are being observed by them. From the viewpoint of them, there is the other world of human beings, which they cannot recognize. For us, there is the other world of them, which we cannot recognize.

-Did you shoot the movie at your place, and why there?
I shoot them in a man-made environment. Because I want to ask what is the environment from the viewpoint of them. Humans feel comfortable in a clean and secure environment. From the viewpoint of them, however, they cannot live in such an environment. Seeking a safe environment for them, they go into unusual places. For hermit crabs, TV code is not for electricity but something to climb. They may consider the man-made environment as a world of Science Fiction, which makes no sense for them.

-The topic of your movies is about imprisonment. Why is this issue so important?

The main topic of my film is not imprisonment. Most important issue in this movie is that the world of humans including the camera is Science Fiction from the viewpoint of them. Hermit crabs have a different time scale than that of us. They live in a different world than that of us. I want to imagine the world of them. We humans are not their rulers. They might be watching us in the same way as I watched them. Since I respect them, I left the camera unattended, so they can explore their new world. By doing so, I shoot the world that can not be shoot only by using the camera. In this sense, the director of this movie is the camera. I merely serve to locate the camera in the world of them. For me, this is a road movie in which the camera takes me to a trip into the world of living creatures. 

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